A New Start

Today I have spent trying to fathom out how to use WordPress and to place what material I have into the somewhat constraining format that I am limited to.  I have made some progress and hope that I can now maintain this as my learning log.

With regard to my progress in TAOP I have achieved a lot less than I had hoped or planned by this time.  However, Christmas with all its trappings and commitments plus a new hip at the end of October have all been distractions.  Now, retired and committed, to TAOP, I must put my head down and progress.

On the Flickr site I posted my 2012 plans as:

Now the hard stuff:
1. Finalise and submit my 1st TAOP Assignment that has been dragging.
2. Migrate my blog that I have started on iWeb to WordPress – I was just starting to get the hang of it.
3. Complete TAOP by about July – need to be focussed on this and stop procrastinating.
4. Register for Landscape and PaP later in the year.
5. Participate more on the OCA and Flickr forums.
6. Do all the other things in the Job Jar!

So, I will publish this site tonight as a first step, even though it is incomplete.


About Doug Bell

Having recently retired I am now undertaking some studies in photography through the OCA which, I hope will lead to a degree in photography.
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