Learning, progressing and Doing!

Am I progressing or achieving anything.  I seem to go in fits and starts and find it much easier to read about what others are doing rather than to do anything myself.  During a recent communique on the OCA site about metaphor, I posted the above photograph that I had taken a few days ago.  I wondered if too much was read into the photograph or in fact nothing at all.  Some fell into the latter category and a few comments posted words that I had felt when taking the photo.  There were also some thoughts that were certainly beyond my own but I could relate to them on reflection.  Were these of true metaphor, or were they feelings evoked by the picture – again some of both I think.

This was a valuable exercise to me and aided my understanding of reading a photograph / art where I feel that I am still in infant school.

I have been taking photographs for meeting the exercises for part 2 and also for the assignment 2 without spending time writing these up in my blog and Word files.  So now againI will have a flurry of activity – not good, I think, and feel that I need to have a more continuous effort rather than having this daunting task of writing it all up.



About Doug Bell

Having recently retired I am now undertaking some studies in photography through the OCA which, I hope will lead to a degree in photography.
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2 Responses to Learning, progressing and Doing!

  1. vickiloader says:

    Hey Doug
    Followed the conversation on OCA with interest. Like you, I also have such difficulty reading an image; and consequently creating an image that others can read.

    From reading what others have said, I find my response somewhat different to theirs—and I think that has to do with world experience and memories—it says a hell of a lot more to me—and I’m not going there at the moment.

    Looking forward to the flurry!


  2. profstoff says:

    HI Doug, I saw this photograph on the forum and was one of the ones that commented on it. Hopefully you could relate to my comments but I am in a similar position to you at the moment, learning to “read” a photo rather than just seeing it. The course notes, especially in the Elements of Design, point us to the spatial relationships between parts of the photo but I am realising that a fuller appreciation can be had by discerning other relationships, and realising these other relationships can improve the “message” in the photo (indeed my tutor has challenged me in this respect for assignment three!!!) That is what I tried to do with your photot so I thankyou for giving me the opportunity to practise.

    Have you seen the discussion on WeAreOCA about reading photos (look for “Two Points”)

    Best of luck with the assignment.


    PS I write my blog up as I go, I find it cements the learning and I’ve been caught out too many times in the past with having a wealth of writing up to do (happens all the time with my work stuff)

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