Exercises for Part 2


Well, I have spent about two days updating the exercises for part two although I still have a bit to do on Exercise 17.  I am not sure that having a separate page is the best way to maintain a blog record of what one does. Although it does provide a easy way of accessing those exercises it also seems that I am not really blogging much which I think is also a disadvantage as the few followers that I may have would lose interest and my Tutor probably thinks that I have given up!

The other think about blogging using this template is that I find that I am having to delve into the HTML code more and more to achieve the formatting that I want.  This is a pain as I know nothing aboout HTML.

At the moment I am also doing what I think many do and that is to write my learning log in Word and then cut and paste into the blog.  This has some advantages in keeping the record in more than one place but it is time consuming.

I will post this now as I want to write a summary for what I have learnt in Part 2, write a precis of ‘Ways of Seeing’ by John Berger and then start writing up my Assignment 2.



About Doug Bell

Having recently retired I am now undertaking some studies in photography through the OCA which, I hope will lead to a degree in photography.
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3 Responses to Exercises for Part 2

  1. dougslr says:

    Hi Chris and Vicki, Thanks for your comments and support. I will have a look at categories and how I can use them.

  2. profstoff says:

    Doug – I can’t agree more with your comments about html. I sometimes find WordPress very frustrating. I used to compile my blogs entirely in WP but am now starting to keep it in Word as well. So in future I will be prepping in Word and copying it to WP. I will use the Word log when I submit as it is much easier to format and get it looking as I want it. Also it means I can take any copyright stuff down from th WP log and it stays available for assessment.
    Don’t worry about blog followers losing interest. I follow yours through WP.
    As Vicki suggests, using categories can help keep your blog organised. I use categories for the main parts of the course and sub-categories for the projects within those, then build a menu using them. It works for me but I haven’t had any feedback whether it helps others find their way around.

  3. vickiloader says:

    Hey Doug

    Just keep on going—it soon grows. I think having separate pages is the way to go—makes it easier for your tutors and assessors to find the stuff in the end. Are you using categories to tag your posts? What I do is tag posts and then I tell WP which tags go to which page. Granted I am using a template; but I think it works for all WP?

    As for the HTML—tell me about it! I look it up, use it, forget it—and then have to look it up again. Think typing in Word first as you mention is the safest way to go—just in case your blog gets corrupted or hacked. Besides which, I think you should have a permanent copy of your work!

    BTW—I follow you on bloglovin!

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