Assignment 3 – Colour


This is the third assignment of TAOP and should demonstrate my command of the use of colour in photography through using different colour relationships. (Link to Full Assignment)

I decided to base this assignment around the safety of ones possessions and person.  The theme is thus developed along the lines of how fences, walls and locked doors have become second nature in South Africa.  Barricading ones possessions is commonplace and no longer seen as abnormal.

Meeting the brief whilst sticking to this theme has been challenging and at times interpreted more freely rather than strictly.  As a result, I have felt uneasy about the assignment and how well the images I have made meet the brief.  I considered starting again but after reviewing this with my tutor decided to continue with this theme.

Use of colour has certainly been emphasized in this assignment and I have seen how it can be used in various combinations.  However, strictly following a defined set of rules may not always be the best option, but knowing that one is deviating from a convention is important too.

As with the previous assignments I have learnt from this one and hope that I can apply my learning in future work.  I enjoy working in colour and have not felt the draw that some have for black and white.  This may well be because I processed my own black and white in a darkroom at home in the 1960’s.

Reflecting on this assignment and my doubts, I think there is some value in the hard deadlines that one has in full time studies.  With those in place I am certain I would have had to submit my work and not sat around procrastinating.  Also however, there are advantages in the OCA flexibility.


About Doug Bell

Having recently retired I am now undertaking some studies in photography through the OCA which, I hope will lead to a degree in photography.
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