Colour Exercises

I have now completed the third section of TAOP on colour and submitted my assignment to my Tutor.  This post points to the exercises and I will add another to link to the assignment per se.

The exercises have helped in focusing on the elements of colour and my understanding. I have nevertheless found this section difficult.  This was somewhat of a surprise to me as I have always liked colour and its use in images.

I have reviewed my catalogue of photographs and found some in which I think colour works well.  These are not submitted as part of my work as they were never taken with this course in mind.

A dull day in Russia is offset by the bright balloons.

The bright green grass contrasted with the red bricks in this military barracks in Copenhagen.

Inara in Japan.  Orange at its best.

Cherries in Sault in France

However, there are also times when I think colour is awful and here is an example.  This image I did make while doing my assignment!

The question is however, does it work well in this image?  No easy answer because the context is so important.  If indeed it was in order to sell the house than I would have to conclude that in my opinion it does not work.  The image was a possible one for my thematic approach to colour regarding safety in which case it would be much better in that it offsets the gate well.

I will I am sure continue to use colour in my images but now hopefully with more insight.


About Doug Bell

Having recently retired I am now undertaking some studies in photography through the OCA which, I hope will lead to a degree in photography.
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