Assignment 1

I am now able to add my Tutor’s report to this page and my comments,

Tutors Report on Assignment 1

Something that should be kept in mind is that when making images even for the exercises try to obtain the best images possible not just to illustrate the technique but also to stand alone as good images. Try to reflect and develop the aesthetic side of the process and include references to the work of others.
This is probably my weakest point.  I feel that having practised as an engineer for 30+ years my technical abilities are strong and my right brain thinking is weak.  Hence this course to try and improve and you will therefore continually have to pull me up on this and help me develop this area.
The many image which is composed of strong geometric shapes, could be framed at right angles rather than the slight tilt that exists. The moving and still images are rather tightly cropped. The former needs to open up in composition to see the cyclist moving through the space to enhance the sense of motion.
I will have a look at the two images (moving and still) and see how I can improve them.  The ‘many’ I agree with your comment but I was shooting from outside a secured area and could not shoot square on so maybe the learning here is to find a better image in future.  I wont worry about trying to correct this one though as I think my efforts are better spent going forward.

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