Exercise #5:  Panning with different shutter speeds (10 to 12 photos)

I have now taken over 200 photographs practicing panning at different shutter speeds with most concentrated at the lower end, i.e. below 1/60 s.  Somewhat obvious was that above 1/250 s was easy but showed little signs of motion.  At 1/500th and 1/1000th movement was frozen even though the subjects were motor cars on the freeway doing about 120kmh.  There was also some difference noticable depending one the relative position of the car.  Most difficult was at right angles to the camera and this is where most motion was evident.

 1/250  f6.3  1/125  f10  1/30  f14
 1/30  f18  1/60  f11  1/25  f20

My favourite is the cyclist in the red top as he face is reasonably sharp, the background is blurred and the wheels and her legs are blurred too giving a good impression of motion.